NBWC Life Groups are a great place to connect and build friendships with others. Our Life Groups are designed to develop deeper connections to encourage  other to apply God’s Word to their everyday lives!

Life Groups typically consists of 8 to 20 people gathering in homes or other a designated locations. Our Groups are led by experienced / trained leaders approved by the Lead Pastors.   Groups meet twice a month.

We find that through Life Groups, people may come to know God more fully and experience His presence in their lives.

For more information call 402-293-0750 or email [email protected]


We believe that women need a place of refreshing without competition or comparison, a place free of stress, a haven, a harbor, a shelter and place of safety.

This community goes deep in the Word and values transparency and vulnerability. Great friendships are built upon these qualities. We can better refresh others and give of ourselves generously when we allow God into the deep places of our hearts to reveal our true selves and allow Him to heal what is uncovered.

Collision Youth Ministry (Ages 12-18)

Collision is a place where youth 12-18 can come and find a sense of family as they learn about a relationship with God and develop healthy friendships. Through worship, messages, small groups and fun, they will discover the wonder of knowing God and how powerfully that impacts their lives and future.

They meet Wednesday nights @ 7:00 p.m. during the school year.

G3/Getting, Giving, Growing (High School – 40 years)

One of the most difficult life transitions is that jump from High School into becoming an independent adult.

Statistics show that eight out of ten high school graduates struggle with their Christian Faith during this time and some lose their way entirely. G3 is the link to help young adults remain grounded spiritually and to make wise choices as well as healing from the consequences of some unwise ones and making a reconnect with God.

We believe we are better together and that the feeling of “family” is important as we get together, give together and grow together!!

Invest in Your Marriage

Are you willing to take time and put forth effort to Invest in YOUR Marriage? Or, are your investment priorities on other things such as hours at work, money for retirement, buying stocks, etc.?   There will come a time when the kids finally leave the house, and you look at your spouse and hopefully say, “Whoopee!” Not, “Who are YOU?”  Invest in your marriage Now and your future returns will be that much brighter!

Larry & Cyndy Peterson invite you to attend a Marriage Investment Life Group to hone your Marriage investment skills! Together, they have over 30 years experience facilitating marriages for all ages. Please check the bulletin for signups and dates!  No need to purchase books, workbooks, etc. – just bring a notepad and a sincere willingness to invest in your marriage!   

The Next Marriage Life Group is scheduled to be held in the Fall of 2023.  Specific dates will be forthcoming in or around Oct 2023 along with signup information!

Morning Fire Prayer

Morning Fire meets every Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together for a time of prayer to seek God for spiritual growth individually and corporately. God’s presence is undeniably in our midst as we worship and glorify God. You will be uplifted and encouraged!

JOY – Just Older Youth

Experiencing great friendships for ages 50 & older.

Our guiding principle for JOY is: Jesus, Others and Yourself.

This group currently meets monthly. 

Men’s Softball, Bowling

Individuals, Businesses and the Faith Community coming together to meet the needs of Bellevue families.

BT activities began in 2010 when one counselor in an elementary school asked NBWC to help with angel tree gift tags. Without that support, 7 families and 13 children would have had no Christmas gifts, Christmas Eve snacks, Christmas breakfast or Christmas dinner. In 2017, Bellevue Together was formed and thus began a partnership between Bellevue Public Schools, several churches, businesses and individuals.

(Matt.25:34-45 & Matt.22:37-40)

The purpose of Men’s Ministry at NBWC is to instruct men on how to become effective leaders within their families, the church and the community.  We are focused on developing spiritual leaders encouraging them to become better husbands and fathers in their homes.  

Prayer blankets are made with love and prayers for those who have special needs. 

Every prayer blanket will represent a covering of God’s love and anointing of the Holy Spirit and that we have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts open for those in need of His touch.